Attack on Iraqi prime minister condemned by Joe Biden

The United States is closely following the escalation in Iraq. US President Joe Biden “strongly condemned” Sunday the “terrorist” attack against Iraqi Prime Minister Moustafa al-Kazimi, targeted by a drone trapped before dawn in his residence in Baghdad, but from which he escaped.

“I am relieved that the Prime Minister was not injured and salute the capacities of leader which he has shown in calling for calm and restraint,” said Joe Biden, demanding that those responsible for this attack be brought to justice. “I ordered my national security team to provide the necessary assistance to the Iraqi security forces to investigate this attack and identify the perpetrators,” added the Democratic president.

An investigation with the support of the Americans

The head of the American diplomacy Antony Blinken for his part spoke on Sunday by telephone with Moustafa al-Kazimi to personally reaffirm this condemnation and to offer American support in the investigation. He “underlined that this attack was also an attack on the sovereignty and the stability of the Iraqi state”, without indicating who can be responsible for it in the eyes of Washington.

According to the services of the Iraqi Prime Minister, this “failed assassination attempt” was perpetrated by means of a “trapped drone” against the residence of Moustafa al-Kazimi located in the green zone, an ultra-protected perimeter which also shelters the United States Embassy and government buildings. Two security sources reported “three drones” launched from an area located just over a kilometer as the crow flies from the residence. “Two drones were shot down” by Moustafa al-Kazimi’s close guard but the third was able to detonate his charge, according to these sources.

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