Attack in Somalia, 20 civilians killed, food trucks destroyed

Mogadishu: 20 civilians were killed in an attack by militants in the African country of Somalia.

According to the details, the armed group attacked in Harshabil state of central Somalia and killed twenty people, the armed group also destroyed several trucks loaded with food.

According to the news agency, the trucks were carrying food supplies from the city of Baladwan to the town of Mahas. The fighters burnt the trucks carrying relief food to Mahas and killed the people in the vehicles.

The militant group often carries out bombings and armed attacks on both military and civilian targets, including last month when militants stormed the Hyatt Hotel in Mogadishu, killing 20 people.

Among those killed in yesterday’s attack are women and children. Somalia’s official news agency said that the attack was carried out by terrorists linked to al-Qaeda. Al-Shabaab said in a statement that the attack targeted members of this tribe. Gaya who had helped the government forces in the operation against the group.

The governor of Hiran said in a statement that the death toll could rise.

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