ATM Card Cloning Group Revealed

According to the Mumbai police, police officers were on patrol late at night when they saw a man moving suspiciously near an ATM in Lokhandwala.

According to the police report, the defendant was searched and nine ATM cards that were not his property were recovered from him. The accused was immediately arrested and transferred to the Oshiwara police station, where the foreigner confessed that the cards were not his.

The local police registered a case and initiated the investigation of the matter and searched the house of the accused and found three laptops, one hundred and sixty-six ATM cards, a card changer reader, two note counters, four mobile phones. Phones and other items were recovered.

According to local police, of the 166 MTM cards, 72 were found to be cloning cards belonging to different banks.

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According to the local police, the arrest of the accused is a great success, as a woman had complained in June that Rs 60,000 had been withdrawn from her bank account, in which the police had registered a case and initiated the investigation.

What is ATM card cloning?

ATMs have a scam device and a small camera mounted in the swipe area of ​​the card, which helps users obtain their PIN code and other important information.

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