From the mattress box they visualize options for their right side

The Atletico Madrid will have to find a replacement soon kieran tripper and on the agenda there are already some names to highlight, such as Azpilicueta or the one of Wass. Of course, both will be somewhat complex operations, so they have an alternative plan in case the aforementioned fail.

Let’s remember that the English side has gone to newcastle and that demarcation has been left without an important man. For this reason, the winter market is key for the rojiblancos since they need a new piece that generates tranquility in Simeone. Although there was a name already closed, everything does not seem to be so easy.

Atletico Azpilicueta
The Navarrese is the first option of the mattresses, but not the only one

Atlético and a new alternative to the signing of Azpilicueta

And it is that despite the fact that Daniel Wass would already have an agreement with Atlético de Madrid, being a better option before Azpilicueta, Valencia CF has caused trouble. These have to do with the departure of an important player in winter, ahead of the second part of the season.

The sports management of those from Mestalla do not consider it appropriate to lose cash in this section and therefore they would give a refusal. Given this, the Danish player would have refused to play the rest of the course, something that has generated controversy within the club. For this reason, there is a new alternative, which sounds strong.

If Wass and Azpilicueta fail, Simeone’s men will go for Maffeo

This could directly harm RCD Mallorca, since there would be an interesting player there for Atlético. We are talking about Pablo Maffeo, a 24-year-old Spanish right-back, who is on loan from Stuttgart in the vermilion box. He has accumulated good feelings both in Girona, as well as in Huesca and now in the Son Moix team.

We will have to finally wait for the final decision that they can make at Atlético, since Azpilicueta, who was the priority, will not be able to be a rojiblanco player until the summer. In turn, the arrival of Wass is easier, since Maffeo belongs to the German club and they would have to negotiate both ways.


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