A new day of the Eurocup of nations has opened this Sunday with the England Croatia. The duel has been framed by a frenzied appearance of Raheem Sterling, the player Diego has in mind Simeone for the next season in the Atletico Madrid. Apparently, after having done his analysis, he has no more doubts, and he turns fully into that section.

This is how some work organizations in the capital have let it escape, who have instigated this fact and have gone directly to the source to verify it. Sterling He is the striker that the cholo is looking for, with mobility, and above all with a lot of goal. A perfect element to compose the rest of the attack with Luis Suarez, which everything indicates will continue one more year in the club.

In fact, Sterling has been in charge of giving England the first three points in the international tournament. His goal was number 19 in the last 17 games, standing out above the others as the most incident player with his national team’s jersey. In those games, whenever they scored they have achieved the victory, and the stats reflect it.

Playing on the outside, as an extreme, false 9 and even a benchmark makes it clear that its characteristics are in a state of grace. Sterling has not ended up playing for Manchester City due to a few ailments, but in full condition he is a world-class star. The 26-year-old player of Jamaican origin would welcome his move to LaLiga, and more so if it is to a team like the colchonero.

What is evident is the value of your transfer, which will not be low at all. To get Sterling out of England, it will take no less than 150 million euros, a value that the mattress club wants to lower the price with the imposition of a player as a barter or part of payment.


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