A theme that has remained current in the Atletico Madrid has to do directly with Alvaro Morata. And it is that as it has been possible to know in recent days, the Juventus Turin, which is where the Madrid striker currently plays, will not make effective the purchase option they have for the spearhead.

The versions that go around in this regard are diverse, but the truth is that the sports management of the transalpinos beyond their excellent standard they have set themselves a renovation. Obviously it does not enter, and that is what sets the trend. So there is no choice but his return to the capital where apparently the first thing to do is put him in an immediate operation.

Having no affinity in what his football is, Simeone has given the immediate order to move his forces regarding this case. Failure to pay 35 kilos is beyond what they had in mind and solutions must be found immediately. The current value of the forward is 45 million euros, and the best possibility before the end of his contract (2023) is to offer him.

And if this lacked emotion it seems they have found the ideal place, the new rich Newcastle United. The ones recently acquired by the royal family of Saudi Arabia, not only have the inclination to these players, but they have the pasta. They are the richest group of those who take control of clubs on the planet and that makes them gain a lot of echo.

If he had not found that alternative, the most normal thing is that he would return to the mattress ranks finding himself in a rather big problem. He is a player with a lot of status and who charges strongly, which would completely prevent the possibility of including new players. This is how things look from that part, and how they get as time goes on.


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