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Atlético’s discard list puts Monchi like a motorcycle

In the planning that Andrea Berta is doing, there are many signings to negotiate and execute, but before they must release several players that Simeone does not have. It is there where the Sevilla manager comes into action.

At Atlético de Madrid they know that before making any signing, they must first manage the batch of discards, which is filling up day by day. There are defenders, midfielders and forwards lining up to get out of the mattress club in the next summer market. Several of these footballers are of great interest to the Sevilla F.C.and Monchi has already begun the task of studying their respective contracts.

There are 3 Atlético players that the Sevillista sports director has on his agenda, and in the next few days he will start asking about them. The first is the French pivot Geoffrey Kondogbia, then there is Elche’s Saúl Ñíguez, and finally the creative midfielder Thomas Lemar. The trio of footballers are not contributing what Cholo expects in this league auction, and for now they will continue in the discard folder.

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Of the three discarded mattresses that Sevilla FC wants, Kondogbia is the easiest to sign.

The route that Monchi traces to rescue Atlético’s discards

Unfortunately for the Nervión team, none of the three mattress players will be free in the next summer window. In the case of Kondogbia, this is the one with the least remaining contract, ending in 2024. In the other two situations, the former Chelsea player has 3 more seasons to go and with the Frenchman his contractual obligation extends until 2027.

The outlook is quite complicated but not impossible, especially for a Monchi who doesn’t give up until the last minute before the market closes. Precisely the manager is finding the way to adequately reach the respective signings, the figure of the assignment being the most successful. However, the files of the players in question could be a problem for Sevilla’s finances.

The consecration of the Europa League, the most suitable path for Sevilla to reach Atlético’s discards

The sports management and the finance department at Sevilla FC have come to the conclusion that the only way for the club to take charge of the files of these players, is to have participation in the Champions League next season. Being in the highest international club competition, the income is higher, and in the same way it will allow this type of operation to be carried out.

Right now the only way to get a place in the Champions League is through the Europa League, that is, winning the trophy. Mathematically, the Nervión club cannot reach fourth place, which is currently being occupied by Real Sociedad. So, if the Sevilla team wants Atlético’s discards, they have to get their eighth international title.

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