Home Sports Atlético’s condition to accept Joao Félix’s arrival at FC Barcelona

Atlético’s condition to accept Joao Félix’s arrival at FC Barcelona

Atlético's condition to accept Joao Félix's arrival at FC Barcelona

With the recent departure of Ansu Fati to Brighton, talks of Joao Félix’s arrival at FC Barcelona have gained momentum. However, although the deal between the player and the Catalan club seems to be progressing, the operation is not quite going according to plan. The involved companies Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona are yet to negotiate the details of the talented Portuguese’s loanee.

Atlético’s condition to accept Joao Félix’s arrival at FC Barcelona

Atlético de Madrid are aware that they are not in full control of the situation in this case. For Barcelona, ​​Joao Félix is ​​more of a complement than an immediate necessity. Furthermore, the player’s desire to wear the Barça shirt has seen him turn down other offers, such as that of a team in Saudi Arabia. With no big cards in hand, Atlético want Barcelona to take over Joao Félix’s card and additionally make a payment for his transfer.

Last season, Chelsea paid around €10m for the loan of Joao Félix, a sum that Barcelona are nowhere near matching this time. However, it cannot be ruled out that the agreement between the clubs includes a token payment for completing the transfer.

FC Barcelona are expected to announce the departures of Ansu Fati and Clément Lenglet later this Thursday. Subsequently, the focus will turn to the long-awaited arrival of João Cancelo, leaving the case of Joao Félix for the last moment.

The Portuguese striker’s equation should also include the arrival of Gavi, the young Barcelona midfielder. His current registration is due to a precautionary measure, so the Catalan club would prefer to register Gavi beyond this precautionary measure in order to have room to maneuver in the Joao Félix case.

Joao Félix’s arrival at Barcelona could be in the final stages but details still need to be clarified before it becomes a reality. Negotiations between the clubs will continue in the final hours of the transfer market.

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