Home Sports Atlético takes its own medicine at Mestalla

Atlético takes its own medicine at Mestalla

Atlético takes its own medicine at Mestalla

Football is a sport full of strong contrasts. Atlético de Madrid, whose last appearance ended in a resounding 7-0 defeat at Vallecas, was overrun by the disrespectful ‘children’ of Mestalla. With Hugo Duro and Javi Guerra at the helm, Valencia secured a painful 3-0 victory over one of the biggest contenders for the league title.

Atlético’s entry into the game served as a prelude to the catastrophic outcome. The red and whites still jumped onto the Mestalla turf with their sheets stuck together and Valencia didn’t wait for their rivals to stretch. After five minutes, Hugo Duro took advantage of the passivity of the defense to block a shot from Sergi Canós close to the ground.

The early first goal did not spur Atlético in the slightest. That of Rubén Baraja They continued to move forward in the first half hour of the meeting, and only Llorente caused a minimum of danger with a timid volley. Even Griezmann started making inappropriate mistakes and one of those inaccuracies resulted in the second goal of the game.

Pepelu stepped forward to steal the French attacker’s wallet and quickly handed control of the counterattack to Fran Pérez. The winger slid down the wing unopposed until he found one Hugo Duro, who, after losing to Savic and Witsel, defeated Oblak again.

The bad news for Simeone was far from over. In the final moments of the first half Lemar suffered an Achilles tendon injury after finishing a corner serve, and had to leave the field on a stretcher. If the worst predictions come true, the Frenchman could miss the rest of the season.

Lemar’s injury and the start of the second half led to visible deviations in the red and white scheme. Simeone brought on Galán and Molina to provide threat on the wings, which remained barren in the first 45 minutes, while Correa joined Griezmann and Morata in attack, unusual so far this season, looking for more catches .

The changes were a win for Atlético, who had the chance to beat Mamardashvili’s goal for the first time. To dispel any doubt, Javi Guerra asked Hermoso and Llorente to dance at the front before hitting Oblak with a powerful whip. Mestalla’s favorite son, who was the key to salvation last year, delivered the final blow to an Atlético team that left Mestalla with wounded pride.

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