Atlético rushes the transfer market to find a destination for Lodi

From the mattress squad they intend to define the future of the left-hander in this market

The Atletico Madrid you want to define several operations pending at the closing of the summer market and one of them has to do directly with Renan Lodi. The winger now converted to a winger does not count for Diego Pablo Simeone and a new destination has been sought for it for some time.

Let us remember that even though the Brazilian has been able to adapt, does not finish convincing the coach Argentinian. This has put him on the market, where he has several possibilities to follow his career. There are great alternatives that want to offer you accommodation, but the mattress makers want to decide well.

Juventus Morata
Lodi’s still on the exit ramp

Atlético de Madrid seeks accommodation for Renan Lodi

In this way, Atlético de Madrid has up to 3 options to say goodbye to Renan Lodi and those who have insisted the most are Manchester City, Nice and Nottingham Forest. Guardiola’s team wants a left-hander with great deployment after Zinchenko’s departure.

This yes, those of Pep Guardiola have not been able to establish conditions for this signing. That is why the French team has taken the opportunity to make an offer for a loan, but it was not successful either, since they did not meet the salary claims of the left back to their satisfaction.

Nottingham Forest is the squad that has asked the most about the left-back or winger

The last alternative that Atlético de Madrid has to place Renan Lodi goes through the historic English club Nottingham Forest. Those recently promoted to the Premier League have a good financial margin to take on the operation. The idea of ​​the rojiblancos is a liberal salary mass and they would end up accepting the proposal of the whole of England.

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We will have to wait then for what may happen with this movement. At the moment, it has been possible to establish that the option that is gaining more strength is that of the Premier League. Of course, Juventus has tried to get closer in recent days, so there would be some surprise at the end of the summer window.

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