Atlético makes room to leave FC Barcelona without Dani Olmo

The great market opportunity that the mattress club and the azulgrana want to take advantage of in January, with the World Cup player and outstanding player who already stated that he did not want to renew with the German team

His contract is signed until 2024 and Daniel Olmo He already stated that at the moment he does not want to renew with RB Leipzig, something that has caught the attention of Athletic. However the FC Barcelona He has also been very aware since one of the points to improve in his tactical scheme is precisely the left winger.

The one from Tarrasa played the 4 matches of the world as owner and was one of the trusted men of Luis Enrique. It will surely continue to be so under the baton of Louis of the Source. In the German club, he also appeared in the plans of the starting eleven lined up by Marco Rose. Is now Diego Simeone Y Xavi Hernandez who want to have it from January.

Athletic Dani Olmo
Dani Olmo played all 4 World Cup matches as a starter and scored a goal against Costa Rica.

Atlético strikes first in the signing of Dani Olmo

There are several players who are present on Cholo’s discard agenda, and with just one that comes out in January, the signing of the Catalan attacker is served. However, Leipzig assured that they will not let the player leave just like that, especially if he is a starter with a fairly important role in Rose’s scheme.

What plays in favor of the mattress team and even the culé team, is that Dani Olmo himself made it clear that he did not want to continue at the Red Bull Arena, with the refusal to sign his renewal. However, the German team will keep it until June 30, 2024 if necessary. Apparently it will be difficult since the attacking midfielder is already shaping up to leave Saxony.

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The first bump that Atlético and Barcelona meet with the signing of Dani Olmo

Although it is the Madrid squad who is closest to signing the talented winger, they have encountered an obstacle to hiring him. The same thing happens to Barca when they have received a response from Leipzig itself. Basically they have told the two interested teams that if they want the Catalan star, they will have to pay 60 kilos.

It must be clarified that Dani Olmo does not have a termination clause and that his base price is 40 kilos. Even if they reached an agreement for 50 million euros, it is still a difficult figure to pay. Likewise, both Spanish squads will wait for the winter market to see if the Bavarian club have changed their minds with the departure of the left winger.

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