Atlético is about to beat a record from 80 years ago

The league days pass and Atlético continue without pointing out a penalty in their favor. The rojiblanco team is about to break a historical record, in this case negative. The Madrid team has gone 32 consecutive days without receiving a maximum penalty in their favor. It has already matched a mark from 80 years ago and next Sunday you can top it. If the match against Barcelona ends without any penalties in your favour, Atlético will have broken that record and will have gone 33 games without a penalty being awarded in their favor. Something historical.

Atlético went 32 days without being awarded a penalty between November 1942 and December 1943. Eighty years later the same situation has been repeated and may even worsen. The rojiblanco team has not been awarded a penalty for almost a year. The last one that the rojiblanco team launched in the league tournament was on May 8, 2022, in the match against Real Madrid. Carrasco converted the maximum penalty and Atlético beat their eternal rival 1-0. Since then, not a penalty in favor. Of the five major European leagues, only Verona and Bournemouth have not taken any penalties.

In Sunday’s match against Almería, the rojiblanco team claimed a penalty. It was in an action where a cross from Correa was intercepted by the hand by Samu Costa. The referee considered that he had his hand glued to his chest. The rojiblancas complaints were manifest and At Atlético they do not understand that the referee Díaz de Mera Escuderos understood that the action was not worthy of the maximum penalty. And even less that from the VAR González González did not call the referee to review the action. At Atlético it rains on wet in this sense. The players have already raised their voices on occasion and the discomfort both in the coaching staff and between the players and the fans is evident.

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Atlético’s relationship with penalties is not very friendly. This season in the Champions League they were awarded two penalties in the group stage. both failed. And in the Cup they awarded him two penalties, both in the same game. It was against Arenteiro. One was marked by Carrasco and another was missed by Morata. That is, of the four that he has shot, he has scored one.

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