Atlético in suspense with final decision by Guardiola with Vlahovic

The colchoneros will have to fight hard against one of the most powerful clubs in economic matters on the planet

For today’s football environment, this active mass of new talent is of enormous value in the clubs with the greatest financial possibilities. It can be seen when the interest of the Athletic by Dusan Vlahovic that now goes through the strict review of Pep Guardiola in the Manchester City.

Bad news for the colchoneros, taking into account that they are one of the forwards in the best shape of the entire continent. In addition, being the focus of reviews for Simeone when it comes to putting a level asset and characteristics adjusted to their requests for the area currently occupied by the Uruguayan Luis Suárez.

Vlahovic Athletic
The Balkan forward has made a decision at Fiorentina, which brings him closer to Atlético.

With Vlahovic in Guardiola’s portfolio, Atlético will find it much more complex to be able to bring him closer to the summer market in 2022

The citizen coach has determined that to be competitive this season he needs to rebuild that reference figure in attack. Since Agüero’s departure, it has lacked a component in this line, and it is important to analyze in the market what is available and at what prices. The main idea was always to go straight for Harry Kane, but his courage ended up frustrating everything.

That is why they believe that the figure of Fiorentina is the right man to go in this task, and give presence to an area hitherto unprotected. Among other things because his price is much lower, and he is being a footballer in a state of grace. The great figure today in Serie A, with high nuances in terms of performance and average goals in the sum of minutes on the field.

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Simeone will have to start questioning his market possibilities from now on

It will be very complex to compete with them, and not because Atlético cannot pay the 70 kilos that are equivalent to its termination clause, it is that the salary payment of a player of that caliber drastically increases the deficit in the long term. That is why the British have an advantage, in addition to the current status of the teams and their concrete chances of winning titles.

So once the departure of men like Ángel Correa is defined, it will be time to start looking for a coherent replacement in an area where they have long ceased to be consistent. Luis Suárez at 35 years old has ceased to be a danger for the opposing network and each injury ends up being an ordeal for him and his coaching staff.

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