Atlético finds a low cost option to kick Lodi out

Alternatives continue to sound for the people of Madrid who have the second round of LaLiga and the Champions League on the table

One of the areas of greatest concern in the Atletico Madrid It is without a doubt the one on the left side, the same one where he only competes Renan Lodiwith some occurrence of Beautiful Mario. So given the approach of the team, the ‘Cholo’ has turned and has provided a name, John Bernat.

The marker of PSG has just been discarded by Mauricio Pochettino for the second phase of the international competition, taking into account that he had a full quota and three players above him. ANDThis opens the possibility for him to play and be important as much as possible.

Juan BernatJuan Bernat
The left side that would arrive to compete with Renan Lodi

Atlético is not in the idea of ​​​​making large investments and tilts everything in the replacement of Renan Lodi to fish in the dense international scene

For the moment that is lived from the economic point of view and professional review,. the club does not seek to make heavy investments in this area of ​​the field. They want to base their improvement policy based on the investment of the midfield forward.

So this situation is presented as a glove. Among other things because it was a decision based on what PSG had already done, which was to cover his departure with the addition of Nuno Mendes. Not even the injury was an excuse as much as that and the road is already served.

With Simeone’s acceptance, everything indicates that the movement is only delayed by the purpose of the course

Before his ligament injury, serious among other things, Bernat had been the undisputed starter. The ‘cholo’ values ​​his experience, the volatility to deliver offensive solutions, and that background to fulfill in any defensive formation. A footballer with high intensity and strong branding as he intends.

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The directive has already been adjusting certain details and in the absence of entering the definitive period it can be said that it is in a high percentage advanced. So at least in that area the team is taking shape, and is gaining consistency with respect to the current team that has had enormous problems in that area of ​​the field.

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