Atlético enters the renewal of Darder with RCD Espanyol

There could be the slight option that the midfielder ended up signing with the colchoneros

At Atlético de Madrid they have wanted to take part in the chances that reveal the signing of Sergio Darder as announced by a medium in Barcelona. The midfielder still does not renew his current contract and therefore is on the verge of an attack that, as in this case, they are willing to offer.

So at least his father has let him see, kike, who in an interview has confirmed that they have held conversations with some mattress spokesmen without effectiveness yet. The player’s pass or possible pass responds to this demand for an increase in the conditions, once At 28 years old, he wants to rise as the maximum value of the parakeet squad.

Spanish Darder
The midfielder will be key in the market with so many offers on his table

Without many clues, Atlético is still pending every advance that comes out on behalf of Sergi Darder

So far everything is calm, those in charge have remained on the sidelines and have preferred to handle everything in the club’s pools. However, the orientation affirms that everything is said beyond the speculations to continue. The player does not want anything more than that and with a previous adjustment to his conditions they could close it.

The match against Mallorca is a yardstick to measure their current level, and incidentally to decide the future of the team in the season. Darder wants to be the reference, the most valued player and the captain of the future. So he has made available to his current commanders the issue that has been accepted, according to what has been known.

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In the Darder house everyone is from Atlético

Although for now it looks very complex, the truth is that in the Darder household everyone is a big fan of the mattress. That is perhaps why the issue escalated so much, and became a subject of analysis for a long time. The close distance put him in the environment but everything looks to continue tied to the ranks of his current team.

Against Mallorca they have a golden opportunity to go to the front and get rid of the thorn that the Balearic Islands have left during this course. Two defeats, one in the League (1-0) and the other in the Cup that has them with sports tension at the top. They admit that it is not something foreign to sports, and they want to climb positions to finish in the best way.

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