Atlético devises a plan with Joao Félix to recover the 126 million

Once the decision to release the Portuguese has been made, work is being done to find a way not to lose money in the operation

The Atletico Madrid I had to make a decision for the future. The first of all was to define if Simeone continued. Once confirmed, the next big conflict is joao felix. Because Simeone has already made it clear on numerous occasions that she is not marrying the Portuguese. What’s more, he doesn’t care that it has cost Atlético so many millions.

Once it is clear that joao felix will not be part of the project, the most difficult thing is to find a solution that does not lose any of the parties. On the one hand, the destination must be attractive to the footballer. But at the same time not to lose money. Something difficult in these times.

Joao Félix can leave on loan

The solution offered by Jorge Mendes

In this context, Jorge Mendes offers a graceful exit for all. A transfer, without a purchase option. To Manchester United. The English would take over their entire record and provide an offensive context in which Joao Félix could surrender and demonstrate his enormous powers.

With this formula, in case of breaking it at Old Trafford, Joao Félix would return to Atlético next summer with a spectacular poster in the market. In this scenario, it could be sold for its entire value, the almost 126 million that were paid to Benfica in its day.

Atlético has no other alternative with Joao Félix

This is how things are with Joao Félix. Surely with another coach and in another context, the Portuguese could become a benchmark for Atlético de Madrid. But in football, it is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that a coach hinders the development of a top-level player.

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The list of examples is long, Van Gaal with Riquelme, Guardiola with Etoo or Ronaldinho, or more recently Deschamps with Benzema or Fekir. in the offices of Atletico Madrid They are already working so that a similar case is not repeated in future operations.

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