Atlético defines groundbreaking plan to see Nahuel Molina of the Argentine team

The mattress set is one of the worst-performing teams that brings out its main footballers after seeing what happened in the world past in Qatar

The Atletico Madrid It must do something so that its main footballers take a step forward. Nahuel Molina is a clear example. A footballer who in the initial stretch of the season did not measure up and there was even speculation about his departure from Atlético. But that in the World Cup in Qatar he did offer a top performance with Argentina.

Simeone continues to trust his compatriot, whom he will give even more confidence in the second half of the season. However, the club considers that not only is the confidence of the coach enough, but they need to tighten the screws based on competition. That is why Atlético has been interested in a winger who will put the ownership of Nahuel Molina.

Atlético has a great squad and must wake up several footballers

Nahuel Molina must take a step forward

Knowing that his ownership is at risk, as happened with Argentina with the presence of Foyth and Montiel, the club expects Nahuel Molina’s level to increase significantly. In this case, the footballer who has slipped onto Atlético’s radar is Cédric Soares, who this season is playing a very limited role in the London team.

The Portuguese winger has gone from being a player widely used by Mikel Arteta to disappearing from the lineups. In fact, this season he has only played 28 minutes of play in the Premier League. That is why the player is looking for a way out in the January market, because at 31 he still wants to continue enjoying football.

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Substitute winger to provoke a reaction in the Argentine

One of the reasons why the rojiblanco team has been interested in the Portuguese footballer is because of his low price. Arsenal would be willing to let him go for a small amount and it is not ruled out that they even give him the letter of freedom. And it is that, with 4 million euros of market value, the Gunner club does not expect to obtain great benefits.

Now we just have to wait and see where Cédric Soares ends up. And it is that he has several teams following his steps, because when he has had opportunities he has shown that he is prepared to perform at the highest level. Also, due to his characteristics, he is a player who complements the shortcomings of Nahuel Molina. Something that Atlético de Madrid values ​​​​very positively for his signing.

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