Home Sports Atlético de Madrid’s main objective for the winter market

Atlético de Madrid’s main objective for the winter market

Atlético de Madrid's main objective for the winter market

The recent departure of Yannick Carrasco from Atlético de Madrid has changed the dynamic of Diego Simeone’s side. Despite persistent rumors of his possible departure, the Argentina coach had little hope of keeping the Belgium winger. However, Al-Shabab’s signing of Carrasco became official, forcing the mattress club to reconsider its strategy going forward.

With the transfer market now closed, the chances of finding an immediate replacement have dropped drastically. If Carrasco had left before the market closed, Atlético would have had more leeway to find a suitable replacement. Now the club are gearing up for the upcoming transfer window and have their sights set on Tajon Buchanan, who currently plays at Club Brugge.

Atlético de Madrid’s main objective for the winter market

Atlético’s goal is to sign Buchanan during the winter market, barring any unexpected surprises. In view of the financial situation of the club, a loan with an option to buy is being considered. This formula would allow Atlético to test the player and evaluate his adaptation to the team before committing to a final purchase.

One of Brugge’s biggest talents in recent years, Tajon Buchanan has caused quite a stir with his talent and versatility on the pitch. The option to buy could be an interesting opportunity for Atlético de Madrid, who want to strengthen their squad given the challenges that await them in the season.

As the winter market approaches, Atlético will continue to evaluate their options and work on the possible incorporation of Tajon Buchanan. Carrasco’s departure leaves a void in the team and fans will be excited to see how the club handles this situation in the coming months.

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