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Atlético de Madrid Simeone changes his style at Atlético to test a new formation Andrés Guzmán – December 20, 2023 – 10:30 am

A modification of his scheme has been presented from those around Cholo that is expected to be interesting.

Atlético de Madrid showed many variations against Getafe CF, which shows that Simeone’s style has changed. Let’s remember that the coach has a scheme that is maintained over several games and into which he usually does not introduce radical new elements. That suddenly had to change.

And the style of Simeone rarely has variations, but now Cholo had to try a new formation. This is due to the losses the coach is dealing with and he has decided to bring in two new players to give the starting XI a new look.

Bonus Simeone
The coach made important changes to his plan

Cholo Simeone had to change his style with a new formation and two surprises

This made it possible to determine that the first thing the coach needed to do was change the defense. There are doubts about the central defenders and Nahuel Molina is in terrible shape.. For this reason, he used the back three again for the game against the Azulones, but with different names.

Soyuncu was the one who came out in the last game In his place came Savic. Although this didn’t change Simeone’s style at all, it did mean that the next line, the midfield line, had an unprecedented, interesting variation. Saúl was one of those left out, and neither was Nahuel Molina.

Riquelme and Lino played different roles in the plan, but their contribution was important

Instead, they were the ones who took charge Rodrigo de Paul and Rodrigo Riquelme. Although the winger could play in attack, he was used as a winger or inside player and Samuel Lino brought the original winger into a kind of more concentrated work as a midfielder in front of him.

As strange as it may have been, For Simeone it was a bet Key that recognizes that your style can change. Furthermore, this new formation was fluid and showed signs of imbalance and speed. The negative point was of course the result, because it was a draw in which the Colchoneros saw the return of the Azulones. Also in the sense of playing with one man less due to Savic’s dismissal.

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