Home Sports Atlético de Madrid is interested in two “drops” from PSG

Atlético de Madrid is interested in two “drops” from PSG

Atlético de Madrid is interested in two “drops” from PSG

Football is a sport full of ups and downs, where players’ expectations can change quickly once they join a new club. That’s exactly what seems to be happening with two talented footballers who have landed at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in recent seasons: Carlos Soler and Fabián Ruiz.

While it is true that both players saw some minutes and appearances for PSG, their importance to the team was not what they may have imagined when they joined the French club. Competition for minutes at PSG is fierce, and this summer’s new signings have made things even more complicated for these talented midfielders.

Atlético de Madrid is interested in two “drops” from PSG

Carlos Soler from Valencia and Fabián Ruiz, former Napoli player, came to PSG hoping to play an important role in the team. However, tough competition and pressure from new signings have limited his participation and led to an uncertain outlook for his future at the Parisian club.

In this context, Atlético de Madrid has expressed interest in both players. Diego Simeone, Atlético’s strategist, highly values ​​the qualities of Soler and Ruiz and sees in them elements that could strengthen his squad.

Although completing a signing in January is a major challenge, Atlético could explore the possibility of requesting the loan of at least one of these players. PSG, under Leonardo, would be willing to consider loan offers to give Soler and Ruiz the opportunity to gain experience and minutes at another club.

Although it is not yet clear which of the two players is Atlético’s favorite, both options could be beneficial for the Madrid team. Negotiations could begin in January to find a solution that is satisfactory for both Atlético and the players seeking a new direction in their careers.

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