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Atlético de Madrid Atlético does not forget Kiwior despite signing Gabriel Paulista Raúl Suárez – January 30, 2024 – 8:00 p.m

The frequency of injuries in Atlético de Madrid’s defense forces Simeone to opt for the young New Zealander and he has already told Gil Marín this

Simeone urgently needs reinforcements in defense mattress The Atlético de Madrid coach knows that the club does not have enough financial resources to sign an established defender and has chosen a young up-and-comer to sign now. Jakub Kiwior is the name that Cholo requested from Gil Marín before the end of the winter market.

What the coaching staff didn’t take into account was the back-to-back injuries that occurred. And that’s it In addition to the victims of Azpilicueta and Soyuncu, there is that of Giménez recently. This situation has thwarted Atlético de Madrid’s plans. And that’s it Considering Simeone relies on three centre-backs, the defense is lame at this stage of the season. Therefore, including Kiwior in these final hours of the market is crucial.

Kiwior Atlético de Madrid
Kiwior is the defender Simeone picked for Atlético de Madrid

Kiwior welcomes his move to Atlético de Madrid

Jakub Kiwior is very clear about his current situation. Despite his youth, the young Polish central defender believes that becoming a colchonero is an undeniable opportunity. The truth is that he is not a starter for Arteta and is not collecting minutes regularly.. His profile would fit Atlético de Madrid quite well. His 1.90cm height means that he is not a slow central defender and that he is quite powerful Ingredients that fit Simeone’s philosophy.

Despite the boy’s good condition, the enormous competitiveness within the Gunners squad and the high demands in England do not allow him to gain experience. It’s important to remember that Arsenal FC just won the league and have been one of the most solid teams in Europe this season. Therefore, the Pole can use the mattress losses to gain a foothold in European football.

Disappointment with Soyuncu and Azpilicueta

If Simeone’s philosophy is characterized by anything, it is the defensive solidity of the Colchoneros. A quality that has been lost this season, in which the team has conceded a lot of goals. The truth is that the performance of a bet like Soyuncu is not fruitful. He was considered a potential starter for the defense and the reality is that in many games Cholo has preferred Azpilicueta to lead the way.

On the other hand, there is the problem with the Spanish defender. Because his time in England and his defensive qualities made it seem like life insurance. InsteadHis interruptions and irregularities due to injuries prevent him from being a solution for the Rojiblancos. In moments when things get tight and the team needs fresh air without lowering the level, they cannot rely on the Navarrese’s seniority.

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