Atlético becomes great

Atlético endured one more year the pulse of the most economically powerful clubs in Europe and has managed to maintain the base of the champion team. Simeone renewed for two more seasons, so he still has a three-year cycle at the helm of the rojiblanco team. And one of the conditions to continue in the Wanda Metropolitano entity was that Atlético had a competitive squad, capable of fighting for everything. And the squad for the year 2021-22 is made and prepared to fight for everything. From this point of view, the leaders responded to what the coach asked.

Atlético has not leaked important players on its team. Just Saul’s, player who has been having less and less weight in the Madrid team. For a long time, the two parties understood that the best thing was a way out. Saúl needed fresh air, he didn’t feel comfortable; Simeone, get rid of a problem and the club, lighten the wage bill. Players like Vitolo, Dembélé and Torreira left … and Griezmann, De Paul and Cunha arrived. Obviously the template is better.

But the most important thing for Cholo is that he follows the backbone of the team. Trippier, Marcos Llorente, João Félix, Luis Suárez will defend the red and white shirt one more season despite the interest of big clubs in taking over their services.

Trippier has been the object of desire of the Premier. Manchester United tried until the last minute to sign him, but the Englishman will be under Simeone for another year. At 30 years old, his market value is 20 million and for Atlético he is a vital player. He finished the contract next season, but had a clause whereby he renewed if he played more than 20 games. It ends in 2023. Its clause is 60 million. In England they point out that United put more than 20 million on the table. Atlético managed to retain him despite the predictions of many that he would end up in the Premier.

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Marcos Llorente was one of the players from last Its market value has been rising and is 80 million. Media Europe has been attentive to the midfielder, but the Madrilenian will be linked to Atlético until 2027. He extended his commitment to his current team for three more years. Its clause is above 200 million. Liverpool, PSG, Bayern… They have been pending the future of Llorente. In this case there were also those who placed him outside of Atlético, although the footballer told whoever wanted to hear that he is happy at Wanda Metropolitano.

João Félix did not have a great performance last season. Depleted by his battered right ankle, he is a highly sought-after player. At the age of 21, his market value is 80 million and he has a contract until 2026. Barcelona tried until the last minute to take over his services, but Atlético has always said no to all the clubs that knocked on their door. Barça was not the only one. Its clause is the highest in the entity: 350 million.

Atlético also continues to count on Luis Suárez, to which some gave outside the entity after his first successful year in the team. The Uruguayan had the power to choose his destination. The rojiblanca entity also renewed Savic and Giménez, two quoted players and with a great poster in European football. Atlético endured the pull and the message has changed: almost no footballer wants to go and many want to wear rojiblanco. It is another of the achievements of Simeone’s stage in the Madrid club.

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