Atlético and Sevilla FC have a rival in LaLiga for Lacazette

The sweet has been put into bites for these two Spanish giants with the proximity of a reference not only in the country, but in the whole world

Several media in England have shown closely a topic that for many has been the most relevant in the run-up to the start of the winter market. Make reference to Alexandre Lacazette and the capture intentions that clubs like him have Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla that guides Julen lopetegui.

However, this has changed and turned on a 180 degree margin, because what seemed an almost verifiable trend, has ended up being one more compound on that path of composure. Now, the Frenchman appears on the radar of FC Barcelona, ​​who not only needs to fill in the space of the Kun Aguero, but has been thrilled to know its value.

En-Nesyri Arsenal
Lacazette is the player most requested by the reference clubs in LaLiga Santander

The value has been released, Lacazette will go to Atlético, Sevilla or FC Barcelona almost certainly

So far this week, some information agents at Arsenal have dropped the pearl that everyone was waiting for, Lacazette will come out and will do it for a laughable price. They will not have the luxury of losing it at zero cost, knowing that their contract ends in the summer of 2022. So, working on this issue, they have decided that whoever puts up 10 million euros is going to be the winner of this bid.

What opens the door fully to Barça. They know the situation perfectly well and have said that they will fight without precedent. They need to rebuild the place that Agüero’s injury has left empty, and they know that it is in their hands to overcome this eventuality. In addition, they keep in mind the player’s taste for the club, knowing that if nothing strange happens, it would be a better panorama than the one exposed by the other two.

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Xavi approves it, understands that in his position he is a crack

For his part, the new coach has taken the side of this premise and has included these facts to give more arguments to the board of directors. In recent days, although the title holder has won, it must be said that it is not to Mikel Arteta’s total taste and a way out of this fact is sought. As a link, he goes behind Aubameyang and understands that they are already combing the market in search of a 9.

This takes away your chances of playing, and therefore your negative response to the renewal. Everything depends at this moment on the approach of the official offer, and in what way they will win arguments in this event. The only certainty is that it seems that January is the month chosen by everyone to define this incident once and for all.

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