Seeing Villarreal right now has to be taken with a grain of salt, and minimizing the analysis to 2 or 3 troops who are the ones that are generating the greatest echo right now. One of them is Yéremi Pino, which as it has released a high impact medium is at this moment a true obsession not only of Seville but of the Atlético de Madrid that guides the ‘cholo’ Diego Pablo Simeone.

And it is that reasons do not exceed this section. To its scarce 18 years He has already made it to the national team and does so in great detail. He has made his debut with honors and has entered a huge continental final. Only 45 minutes were enough for him to be transcendent and show that apart from being good, he is a collaborator. Now, another point plays in its favor, and it is the final value, a little more than 30 million euros.

A starting value like the one that is being handled right now between the Castellón club and the youth club is indisputably a subject to review. Atlético individually believes that it is too striking to let it escape, and less at this moment. They plan to pay for it, and offer him, as expected, conditions that Emery’s people cannot reach.

And not only economically, but also in sports with a team that has the possibility of fighting LaLiga and incidentally high positions in the Champions League. The truth is that Pino is no longer a project to be a reality, contrasted among all things due to the imposing nature of his game, on the outside, with dribbling, speed, overflow and a lot of goal.

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Leicester City are some of those mentioned, which as you can see include a very high financial focus. Especially the English teams, who have machinery operating behind them thanks to the established nature of their competition and the roots of players of that style.


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