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Atlético 1×1: Lemar leads the comeback to end streaks

Atlético 1×1: Lemar leads the comeback to end streaks

Atlético jumped to San Siro with a system change, defender of four behind and Hermoso as a left back. However, he was again surpassed by the rival in intensity and aggressiveness from the start, until conceding a goal in the 20th minute after a fatal corner defended when Oblak had already performed his miracle in a heads up. Kessie saw two yellows for fouls against Llorente and Atlético played with numerical superiority for an hour. Trippier left again physically touched.

Atlético did not get a draw and Simeone used up his five changes in the 65th minute, a clear sign that he was not liking what he saw. It ended with a midfield made up of De Paul, Lemar and Griezmann and with Correa, João Félix and Suárez up front, in addition to Llorente as a winger. And Atlético got the comeback with Lemar and João assuming stripes, Griezmann achieving his first goal back to the club and Suárez ending the streak away in the Champions League taking a key penalty for qualifying.

Oblak: Milan began to concentrate their arrivals after the 10th minute until Leao scored, controlling and crossing his shot inside the area before the inoperation of the athletic defense. A play started in a corner thanks to a saving leg from the Slovenian goalkeeper. The defense was very soft and Milan was able to combine in the area until they found their forward. Before, he had to act at 15 minutes to stop a centered shot from Brahim and two minutes later to take a poisoned center from the Spanish player. Since Kessie’s red, he barely had local arrivals until Milan squeezed again in the last minutes. You can’t get the door to zero.

Trippier: Drag physical discomfort and is not being the Trippier of last season. He had to ask for the change at 37 minutes to admit João Félix as had happened against Athletic when he also had to be substituted. In the minutes he was on the field, he suffered from Leao’s physique when he fell to his side and against Theo’s speed, whom Llorente followed as his shadow.

Gimenez: He failed to cut off Leao’s shot, which slipped between his legs. The Uruguayan became desperate again due to the lack of intensity of his teammates, who in the goal allowed Milan to combine within the area. In the previous play he had tried to go out to knock Rebic out of the game, but he did it late and had to save Oblak in the heads up.

Felipe: He feels more comfortable in line with two back than when he has to play with three centrals. A lot of physical duel, and although he does not go through a good time, he carried out a complicated match with note, winning most of the melee matches that were more and more at the edge of the knife with the passing of the minutes and the team very pulled up.

Handsome: He began thrown to the left wing as a side, recovering a defense of four, although with the constant help of Carrasco on the side. He raised the band as if it were his natural position. On defense he suffered when Brahim fell for his profile. He left replaced at half-time to leave his place to Lodi, a natural side.

Carrasco: Very gray game for the Belgian, despite the fact that he entered as an interior in a position that could bring him closer to the rival area. When he received he sought individual action without success and attempted to abuse dribbling. In defense, he did try to help Hermoso to close the band. Simeone replaced him at half-time to give control to the middle with the entry of De Paul.

Correa, during the match against Milan.

Kondogbia: A lot of work in the center of the field before the intensity of Milan and the decrease of pieces in the middle, with the international for the Central African Republic playing alongside Koke with many meters to go. Constant physical duels where the local intensity was noticed, losing even several duels with Brahim despite his superiority in centimeters and kilos. He saw a yellow and Simeone replaced him quickly to avoid the risk of a second.

Koke: Back to eleven, the team had missed him greatly in his absence even though he was not in his best form. He still felt sluggish after his muscular problems and was not forceful against Brahim on the play that ended up generating Leao’s goal. He asked for the ball to initiate the attacks and be the player who raised the ball and looked for where to guide the search for the goal. He had an hour of play to recover his sensations, but Atleti need the best Koke yes or yes and this season he still has not found him.

Llorente: Right inside, with the clear mission of following Theo Hernández in defense and looking for his back in attack. His powerful physique was the best ally to stop the French left back. He received two fouls from Kessie that led to the expulsion of the Milan midfielder after 30 minutes of play. He tried to pull his constant diagonals, but Trippier couldn’t find him. The Englishman left replaced with discomfort at 37 minutes and Llorente went on to play as a right back. Without being fine with the ball, he carried out a great physical and dark job.

Strap: Back to eleven up front, although he could hardly appear in that part of the field, since Milan was much superior from the start and whenever they tried to receive from behind they had a defender behind. With the entry of João Félix in the first half, he moved to the right wing, where he put a good cross that Luis Suárez failed to hole just before half-time. It was difficult for the team to find him, duller than usual and without being unbalanced with his turns.

Suarez: He was still beaten in the Champions League, but he did not fail in the 97th minute to score the penalty that gives a golden triumph. And that previously he had had two very clear occasions receiving good centers inside the area, but finishing off wide. At the edge of the break with a right hand after Correa’s center and at the beginning of the second after a great ball from João Félix whose header also left when Simeone was already singing the goal. From his back he tried to give the team a break, but in the first minutes he always came out the loser in front of the defenders.

The five changes, made at 65 minutes

João Félix: The Portuguese came through Trippier in the 37th minute to get behind Suarez and move Correa to the right wing. He wanted to be the protagonist, asking for the ball, moving throughout the attack front and assuming gallons. He put a fantastic center at the head of Suárez that the Uruguayan finished off. He also tried a great shot at goal. That is the leadership that Simeone expects from the Portuguese.

From Paul: The team lacked control in midfield and the Argentine replaced Carrasco at half-time to reinforce the engine room alongside Koke and Kondogbia. He stood outlined to the left looking to get a lot in contact with the ball. Sometimes the attempt to lead the team to the goal weighs heavily on him, with a lot of risky long pass that can break lines, but if he lacks precision it turns into turnovers. Good physical deployment as an anchor, with a completely offensive midfield.

I gave it: He also entered the break, looking to give the team depth from the left side. And he was very participatory, constantly looking for his back in band. In attack he added a lot, assisting Griezmann in the goal with a good clearance and header to the penalty spot. He had already tried it several times, hurting the rear with his movements. In defense, each clearance is a lottery, he has to improve in that facet.

Griezmann: He entered through Koke to play in a midfield position alongside De Paul and later Lemar. He was reunited with the goal, something that may be essential for him to gain confidence and return to being his best version. He received in the Lodi area and hit his impossible shot for Maignan. Until then he was knowing, without wanting to try his shot from outside the area perhaps somewhat timid. It is key that you gain confidence in your game and for that there is nothing better than a goal of such relevance.

Lemar: Back in the team, Atlético have needed him a lot and he has returned to continue being decisive. He replaced Kondogbia leaving an ultra-offensive midfield. He was practically the first to test the goalkeeper’s gloves with a shot from outside the area. Griezmann’s goal was born from a great ball into space, finding Lodi’s unchecked so that he would look for the ‘8’ in the area. And then he caused the penalty that Suárez converted into discount. Full of confidence, he always asks for it and gives a positive solution.

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