Atleti, at the stroke of a tweet: “Nothing new at the Bernabéu”

He Atletico Madrid He has complained again about the arbitration in the derby. Following the 1-1 draw in the match played at the Santiago Bernabéu, the club’s official Twitter account Metropolitan has published a tweet a clear message: “Nothing new at the Bernabéu”. The message from the rojiblancos has come after the controversial expulsion of Ángel Correa when he saw the direct red after an elbow to Rüdiger. The rojiblancos went ahead with one less player after a header from gimenez and the whites equalized the match with the first goal of ‘Toro’ alvaro rodriguez.

Minutes later, Atleti have sent a message on the social network again with a: “This is the leg of our ‘aggressor’. We continue with no news at the Bernabéu”accompanied by a photo with the leg of Belt and two wounds in which blood can be seen.

The complaints of Athletic are preceded by those that occurred in the quarterfinal tie in Copa del Rey. So, Simeone regretted in the press conference after the match that Ceballos did not see the second yellow due to a foul when the rojiblancos had an advantage on the scoreboard and there were 20 minutes left to play: “There is a decisive action, that of Ceballos, but nobody says anything…”. Some complaints were joined by those of Mario Hermoso in one of Madrid’s three goals: “In the lateral center of the goal there is a possible foul, but we already know how it is.” The center was not cut when adding then: “The referee has to control everything, there are 10 changes and he only adds three minutes…”.

Anger at what happened in Cup It was such that it led Gil Marín to write a statement: “Leaving them with ten in their stadium are big words. Griezmann and Morata were not protected. They kicked them”. The CEO of Atleti sentenced the referees with the Concha Espina team by stating: “Madrid is a club with a very strong environment, with many interests around it. They create such pressure that it is normal for it to affect the people who must make decisions. They are aware of what awaits them if they harm them with a mistake or even with a hit. The campaign against who they consider is harming them is common.

Atlético’s first tweet was endorsed by Borja Resurrectionbrother of the rojiblancos captain, with a: “Someone doubted what was going to happen” which was followed by six emoticons with a laughing face and eight with a circus tent. The controversy after the derbies does not stop.

Minutes later, the rojiblanco team published another message on Twitter about the development of the match.

Tomás Reñones and the controversy over the expulsion: “It is not the first time, it becomes natural”

The team manager of Atletico Madrid has spoken in DAZN after the tie between the rojiblancos in the Bernabeu.

club sensation. “We are very sad because Reinildo has been injured. The extent of the injury is serious and the feeling in the locker room is quite sad.”

Arbitration controversy. “Anyone who has been able to watch the game will realize that this expulsion does not lead, but it is not a surprise. It is customary with this referee, whom we respect, but the bad thing is that it becomes something natural and that it is repeated in a similar situation. The players are outraged, powerless for not being able to fight with their weapons on the pitch.”

team upset. “I have been in the locker room and that is what they think. It is not the first time, it becomes natural. For the good of football we should reflect and the estate think about what is happening. Yesterday we saw a similar situation and today is expulsion. Our defects are paid for by us, but the mistakes of others are paid for by us too”.

Complaints on Twitter. “We have experienced situations where Diego Costa has been expelled with some audio that did not exist, then Gabi … we ask for respect, that they treat us and speak with respect. And have enough weapons to be able to fight with dignity. Faced with situations like today’s, outrage is general, but we don’t know what to do either. It is not the first or second time. When an arbitrator is appointed, we know what can happen and what cannot be is the nature with which we accept this.

official protest. “The club will do what it believes. Miguel Ángel Gil spoke clearly and what happened today has to make more than one think again so that these things don’t happen on the pitch”.

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