Athletic’s communication becomes very cute in San Mamés

The idea of ​​the Board to liven up the derby with Real Sociedad generates a wave of criticism

The communication the Athletic in the line of generating a good atmosphere with the Real society made a highly criticized decision for the derby played in San Mames this past Sunday. It was decided that before the meeting the txoria txoria mythical Basque song.

A song that every match of the Real society at home it is sung last. A song more related to childhood and whose context does not match a soccer environment. For this reason, criticism of the policy of communication the Athletic it has been devastating. They understand that they have become cute and that for a match of that rivalry there is no need to strengthen ties or promote good vibes. You have to create an atmosphere to win.

Marcelino much fiercer than Athletic’s communication

At least Marcelino was clear about what to do to squeeze Real Sociedad and make them feel the hell of San Mamés. Despite the attempts of Athletic communication to generate a good atmosphere, the meeting was torture for Imanol’s men from start to finish. 4-0 and the best was a Remiro who even saved a penalty. It could have been a scandal.

Communication from Real Sociedad more aggressive than Athletic

The president of the Royal Society, Jokin Aperribay, sent a somewhat poisoned message to Athletic. It was in the run-up to the clash that faced them this Thursday RB Leipzig, on the occasion of the first leg of the qualifying round prior to the round of 16 UEFA Europe League. But it is that, for a lot of European focus, Sunday’s derby already warms up the atmosphere.

aperribay made it clear that he does not understand the position of the Athletic with the tickets for next Sunday’s derby in San Mamés. “We have waived protocol tickets because our fans couldn’t travel. We have made a different decision for the match against Osasuna“, explained the president.

President Royal Society
The president of Real Sociedad euphoric after winning the Cup

Aperribay annoys Athletic

Aperribay’s message makes clear the discomfort with Athletic for not granting tickets to the Real Sociedad fans. And incidentally put Osasuna in the combo, perhaps with some hidden intention. And it is that Real Sociedad could also be behind the signing of Moncayola and they want to strengthen ties with the rojillos.

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Aperribay’s obsession with Athletic

The President of the Real society, Jokin Aperribaygives the sensation of living in a permanent obsession with the Athletic Bilbao. Every time he has the opportunity to remember his neighbor he does so and, in this case, he has left several pearls at the Radio San Sebastián Awards Gala for Excellence, where he was awarded the Real society.

Because when he went up to the podium to collect the award and thank those present, he did not hold his tongue. The president of the Real society he congratulated himself on the spectacular projects in Gipuzkoa and thanked, on behalf of the club, for the award. So far everything is correct. But I wanted to continue…

Jokin Aperribay to open grave

The beginning already denoted that the president of the Royal Society wanted to make noise. “It was more impactful in Bilbao than in San Sebastián”, he pointed out in reference to the Copa del Rey title. “We have to say, also without showing much chest, that at Real we were convinced that we were going to win the Cup. We even thought that Athletic wanted to delay the final because they didn’t want to measure themselves against us”, he continued.

“We lived that week with many injured and with a huge commitment for Gipuzkoa. And also with many guarantees. He was nervous, but at the same time calm, because what the players transmitted was that they were going to win the match. That week I went to Zubieta very nervous but I came back very calm ”, continued a grown Aperribay.

President of the Royal Society shoots with a bullet

But the final touch came when referring to Basque society as a whole. To the whole of Euskadi and not just Gipuzkoa. “I hope that next time they will be happy that we have won a title and that they will not be sad because the ones who have won have been us”, in clear illusion to the Basque majority of Athletic.

A president of Real Sociedad whose message has permeated the fans. For good and for very bad. The social networks caught fire with a war of reproaches from Bilbao and with the consequent reply as a mockery from Donosti. The grudges of football.

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