Athletic will assess in January a transfer of Nolaskoain to Second

Peru Nolaskoain accumulate these last two weeks with a workload with rounds, sprints, strength exercises and games with the ball to take the shape after finally overcoming a tedious and cruel injury to the right ankle that has kept him in garages for a year and a half, since he arrived already touched from his assignment at Deportivo. In the weeks before young Athletic pivot He was seen running alone, but for several days he had returned to the group. With a look With his bow, now trimmed, he was effusively congratulated by his companions.

In this new stage, between club, the technician, Marcelino García Toral, and himself Nolaskoain, a assignment to Second Division. In fact, a club of that category He has already called youas AS has learned. But first, you are expected to fully recover from the joint in the event of any setback. You want to be cautious because it rains when it is wet. Nolaskoain, who can act like central or pivot, accumulate 17 months blank and you want to fine tune well in your full recovery. It is the priority, all precautions are little. He is still 23 years old and has a long career ahead of him to express himself.

The June 20th last year, with the Depor against the Lightning. He was finishing his assignment in A Coruña, in Segunda, where he was a regular starter. The first medical part alluded to a sprains on your right ankle. In the first instance, he was able to escape the misfortune and reappeared on July 17, at the end of the season hit by the pandemic. It was his last official match. At the end of that campaign, Nolaskoain, what was there renewed until 2024, With a clause of 60 million, he returned to Athletic. As of last summer, he was recovering away from the spotlight. Gaizka Garitano was counting on him. But he did not play any official game. He could only play a friendly, in September 2020 against Sevilla at the Pinatar Arena facilities. It was a mirage.

Last April, already with Marcelino Garcia Toral, the former from the Antiguoko was still in pain. It was convened three times in February of 2021 against Villarreal, Levante and Granada, but without jumping to the green. So He underwent arthroscopic surgery on his happy right ankle on April 24. On top of that, a string of muscle injuries from that battered joint slowed down his set-up. The chief of medical services, Josean lekueHe was cautious about the Zumaia midfielder in the preseason: “You cannot talk about dates yet, it is being a complicated process with his ankle,” he slipped. Now, Nolaskoain sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Deserves much better fortune. In January 2022 his time comes.

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