Athletic Tertuliano from El Chiringuito loses his ways with Reguilón

The circumstances of the new Atlético Madrid footballer unleash the controversy

With the signing of Sergio Reguilon for him Atletico Madrid the morbid in The beach bar was served. Because the fact of being a Real Madrid youth squad and having repeated on many occasions his love for the real Madridgenerates a lot of uncertainty among athletes.

As always in this new digital era, the moment a signing is known, they try to stir up controversy from sectors contrary to that club. There, in this context, the social networks. A single message even if it was a long time ago or can be taken out of context… and the mess is guaranteed.

pro-Franco gathering
Petón from El Chiringuito is together with other collaborators and journalists

The Chiringuito squeezes Reguilón in his presentation

Along these lines, El Chiringuito aired all of Reguilón’s declarations of love for Real Madrid. An athlete does not tend to think about the future and the possible consequences, which is why, in the case of Reguilón, many messages declare him a madridista and, what is worse, anti Atlético.

At that point, at the press conference to introduce Reguilón, El Chiringuito took the opportunity to generate debate. “If you played with Atlético de Madrid at the Bernabéu and you scored a goal… would you celebrate it?” The question could not be clearer and more direct.

Petón almost lost his temper

However, Reguilón chose to go through the hills of Úbeda and answered El Chiringuito’s question with many doubts. “If the case arises, I’ll see what I do”… an answer that made Petón extremely hot. The athletic commentator from El Chiringuito par excellence even said that he did not want Reguilón on his team.

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“The greatest illusion of an Atlético fan is to see our team score a goal against Real Madrid in Chamartín. Not celebrating that goal is a lack of respect for all of us who feel this shield”, admitted Petón, who was turning up the volume. So much so that he even got up from his seat to reply to a Manu Sainz who enjoyed biting him.

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