Athletic renews Nico Williams with sale of non-strategic asset

Athletic renews Nico Williams with sale of non-strategic asset

The president of the Basque club does not want to repeat past mistakes and hopes to close the expansion in the near future

After assuming that Iñigo Martínez is leaving the Athletic The president’s number one goal is to close a series of renovations that are considered strategic. Number one on the list is Nico Williams. At a time when the economy is not, far from it, for large disbursements, a sale that was not counted on can solve the operation.

One of those Athletic assets that nobody counted on. But finally Celta agrees to pay the 8 million euros agreed for the signing of Unai Núñez. Therefore, the Athletic will have cash to make a good offer to Nico Williams.

Athletic already has liquidity to face the renewal of Nico Williams without hesitation

Nico Williams key in the future of Athletic

A Nico Williams for whom great teams sigh and whose contract with Athletic expires in June 2024. In the Basque team they are very concerned about reaching next summer without having signed a renewal. A situation that could lead to a scenario similar to that of Iñigo Martínez.

The Ondarroa defender continues without renewing and everything seems to indicate that he will be released for free next summer. That, or a transfer in the same month of January, for a really low amount. In fact, we have already seen how in this 2023 Iñigo Martínez has disappeared from the line-ups.

Nico Williams is calm with his future

That tension that Athletic lives with Iñigo Martínez is what he has promised to avoid with Nico Williams. With the least of the Williams will be much more pragmatic. Either it is renewed before the summer, or a transfer will be sought according to its level and beneficial for Athletic.

They do not want to reach September 1 in any way without having renewed and with the player on the squad. Nico Williams, for his part, would be delighted to continue his career at Athletic, as long as he makes him an offer according to his level and performance. Now, with the 8 million that Celta will pay, it will be a little easier.


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