Athletic fears the violent Chimy Ávila

Chimy Ávila and his controversial clashes against Athletic Aclub de Bilbao

Chimy Ávila has become a recurring name when it comes to confrontations with Athletic Club. The Argentine, who now wears the Betis shirt, continues to be known for his tough tackles on the likes of Nico Williams and Berenguer, which earned him two sending-offs. His aggressive playing style has caused controversy, particularly in duels against Athletic, the team he has faced most often throughout his career, playing a total of 11 games with a single win two direct expulsions for excessive actions on the pitch.

Ávila’s interventions have not only caused criticism among fans and players, but also among technicians. After a dangerous tackle on Berenguer, Osasuna coach Jagoba Arrasate publicly expressed his dissatisfaction, apologized to Athletic and questioned the meaning of such actions.

Athletic Chimy Avila
This pattern of behavior has shaped Ávila’s career in Spain and made him a controversial player on and off the pitch.

Chimy Ávila’s league career

Chimy Ávila’s career in the league was marked by both his talent and moments of controversy. His clashes with Athletic, in particular, left an indelible mark through his actions on the field. The most famous is undoubtedly the tackle against Nico Williams, an action that sparked a wide debate about aggressiveness in football and the consequences of dangerous tackles. Despite the seriousness of the foul, VAR intervention did not change the referee’s decision, increasing the controversy surrounding the event.

Ávila’s behavior has led to discussions about the limits of intensity and aggression in this beautiful game. However, the player himself showed signs of regret, particularly over the tackle on Williams, realizing that his action could have had serious consequences for the young Athletic player’s career. This mix of regret and controversy has shaped the figure of Chimy Ávila in Spanish football. a player who can do both the best and the worst on the field.

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Chimy Ávila’s influence on Betis and his relationship with Osasuna

After his time at Osasuna, Chimy Ávila ended up at Betis in a not without controversial move. The way his departure from Pamplona and his arrival at the Sevillian team were handled sparked comments from Braulio Vázquez, Osasuna’s sporting director, who criticized the player’s agent’s attitude. Despite these setbacks, Ávila has begun to integrate into Betis, proving his worth on the field and setting himself the goal of starting in the next games, especially against Athletic, a team that will undoubtedly represent an important chapter in his career marked.

Chimy Ávila’s time in the league is notable not only for his sporting achievements, but also for the controversies in which he was involved. His story reflects the complexity of modern football, where passion and intensity walk a fine line with behavior on the pitch. As Ávila continues his story at Betis, his legacy in the clashes against Athletic will remain as a reminder of his influential presence in Spanish football.

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