Athletic Club Nico Williams can leave Athletic at any time Mairenis Gómez – January 1, 2024 – 5:54 p.m

Athletic Club’s standout striker Iñaki Williams addresses important topics such as his future, the possible departure of his brother Nico and his experiences at both the club and the Ghana national team

In a personal interview, Williams offers his Vision for your careerhis relationship with coach Ernesto Valverde and his role as a reference in the Bilbao team. Williams, known for his loyalty to Athletic and his impressive goalscoring record, talks about his goal of surpassing the 100-goal mark for the club. This figure, a significant personal goal, shows his commitment and skills as a striker in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe.

The role of Ernesto Valverde

Valverde, described by Williams as “the pillar” of the team, is praised for his calm demeanor and his ability to demand respect without having to raise his voice. The possible appointment of Valverde as coach is a topic of great interest to Williams, which he considers fundamental to the team’s success.

Talking about his brother Nico, Iñaki understands that life can take many turns and that although his dream is to always play together, he respects every turn future decision Nico can make. Their support for Nico shows the closeness and connection they share on and off the field..

international track and field athlete
Unai Simón and brothers Iñaki and Nico Williams were Athletic’s quota for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Fame and national representation

Williams reflects on how he deals with the fame and pride of representing Ghana in international competitions, despite having the opportunity to play for the Spanish national team. He mentions the personal and family impact of playing for Ghana, particularly in honor of his late grandfather.

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An example of the quarry

Unai Simón’s decision to stay at Athletic despite having options at other clubs is seen by Williams as an example for young players in the quarry. This loyalty reflects the club’s philosophy of promoting local talent and maintaining a strong connection to its roots.

A key figure in Athletic

Iñaki Williams stands out not only for his skills on the pitch, but also for his commitment to the Athletic Club and his ability to influence the atmosphere in the dressing room. His vision and attitude to the future, both personally and professionally, reflect the passion and commitment that have made him a key figure within the Bilbao team.. His career and his view of the game set an example for future generations of footballers.

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