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Athletic Club Martón no, but Izeta yes: The African Cup from necessity to virtue Mairenis Gomez – December 5, 2023 – 1:01 p.m

Urko Izeta moves up at Athletic Club while the team does not expect Javier Martón to be able to make up for Iñaki Williams’ absence during the Africa Cup of Nations

Urko Izeta, Athletic Club B’s promising striker, is emerging as a key figure this season and could be an option for the team to cover the forward line during the Africa Cup of Nations. On the other hand, The club has considered Javier Martónbut at the moment everything indicates that he will remain on loan at Mirandés until the end of the season.

While Ernesto Valverde is considering his options, Izeta’s outstanding performance as the top goalscorer in the Second Federation places him in a favorable position to enjoy a first-team opportunity. This would delay the return of Javier Martón, who was one of the options the club considered to make up for the absence of Iñaki Williams.

Izeta’s good season in the reserve team makes him worthy of a chance in the first team

Valverde’s dilemma: the choice between Izeta and Martón during the Africa Cup of Nations

Izeta has proven to be an ideal candidate to represent Iñaki Williams during the Africa Cup of Nations, with his impressive goalscoring record and ability to play under pressure. His development and maturity on the pitch are qualities Valverde looks for in his players for high-level competition.which is why he became the top candidate.

Valverde’s decision to consider Izeta rather than Martón for Athletic’s first team reflects a certain strategy. Not just for the present, but also for the future. And that’s it Izeta offers a game profile that suits the needs of the teamwhich also allows Javier Martón to continue his development at Mirandés.

The future of Izeta and Martón at the Athletic Club

Urko Izeta’s career at Athletic Club suggests a bright future, even more so when one considers the opportunities offered by the club’s forward line, where there is no guaranteed back-up nine behind Guruzeta. His goalscoring abilities and tactical adaptability make him a valuable player for the team.

As for Martón, his continued development and contribution to the club will continue to be crucial, although not for this season. Be that as it may, Urko Izeta is already ready to make the jump to Athletic’s first team, while Javier Martón aims to become a key player, albeit as early as next season. Be that as it may, managing talent like Izeta and Martón demonstrates the depth and quality of the Bilbao club.

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