Athletic Club Iñaki Williams between Cottons Doubts and Ghana Jesús Carames – December 27, 2023 – 4:00 p.m

The Africa Cup of Nations is just around the corner and Iñaki Williams has appeared at Athletic training with an injury that has shocked all of Ghana

One of the most common topics of conversation in Bilbao in recent weeks is the Africa Cup of Nations, in which an Athletic footballer will take part for the first time. On this occasion, The player who will compete in the African continental competition is Iñaki Williams, although his appearance in Ghana is questionable due to injury. An injury we discovered in training this morning.

The Ghana international, who is just days away from training camp ahead of the big event, turned up at Athletic training this morning without his usual sports kit. If he doesn’t succeed, he has done it with shoes on, without having touched the ball during the entire training session. Therefore Ghana already fears that Iñaki Williams has been injured.

Iñaki Williams has no injuries and will feature for Ghana
Iñaki Williams did not train with the other teammates

The injury that could leave Iñaki Williams without the Africa Cup of Nations

After I knew that Iñaki Williams did not plan to train with the other teammatesAll alarms have gone off in Ghana. No wonder, because the Athletic striker is one of the stars of the team. This is even more true considering the level at which he is playing in LaLiga this season.

Despite the initial concerns Everything seems to indicate that Iñaki Williams has no injuries. The footballer didn’t want to risk any mishaps and therefore trained alone with the permission of the coaching staff. This means his participation with Ghana in the next Africa Cup is not in jeopardy.

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Athletic will miss the Africa Cup of Nations

As we have known in recent weeks, Athletic have tried every means possible to delay the departure of Iñaki Williams. The club wanted the player to be available for the first duel of the year and so delayed his arrival at the training camp. But at the moment it is unknown what will happen.

Athletic’s aim is for him to join the club after January 4th Iñaki Williams is scheduled to play for Ghana on December 31st. Now we just have to wait and see how this situation is resolved, because the truth is that it is not an easy situation for either party and certainly not for the player.

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