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Athletic Club Félix Tainta rehabilitates with the President of Athletic Jesús Carames – January 25, 2024 – 4:30 p.m

The signing of Adama Boiro for Athletic has provoked all sorts of reactions and has already had several consequences, such as the reconciliation of Félix Tainta with the president of the Bilbao club

While Athletic played the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey against FC Barcelona, The Basque club announced the signing of Adama Boiro, who came from Osasuna in exchange for two million euros. The operation was very quiet as no one had any suspicions. And we know that now Félix Tainta was a very important piece.

There were no negotiations this time as the winger's signing was completed after his release clause was paid. There were very few who were aware of Athletic's intentions and one of them was Félix Tainta. And as a representative of Adama Boiro, he knew the Basque club's intentions from the first moment.

Felix Tainta Athletic
Félix Tainta has looked after Nico Williams' interests throughout

Félix Tainta makes peace with the president of Athletic

The truth is that the situation in this operation was very strange. What was previously an uncomfortable figure for the board is now a great ally. And that's it Félix Tainta caused serious complications when Nico Williams was extendedwhich took much longer than the club wanted.

The agent cared about his client's well-being and got the best out of Athletic, which causes friction with the board. But now the opposite has happened, as he has since become a staunch advocate for his clients' professional futures at Athletic firmly believes in Uriarte's project.

The long-term future of Athletic

Following Nico Williams' contract extension mentioned above, Athletic have taken further steps towards the future. Adu Ares and Mikel Vesga have also signed long-term contracts that the club is working on other extensions like Beñat Prados. The club's most recent signings are also aimed at Project 2027.

Adama Boiro is part of this project, but also young talents like Igor Oyono or Álvaro Djaló, which are also located in the area around the club. Now all that remains is to see how Uriarte's most ambitious project, aimed at making Athletic champions again, ends. And as it turns out, Félix Tainta also believes in his project.

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