Athletic Club Aymeric Laporte knocks on the door of Athletic Club Miguel Castillo – January 20, 2024 – 3:08 p.m

Aymeric Laporte is at a crossroads following his lucrative move to Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia and is considering the possibility of a return to Europe, with his particular interest being Athletic Club.

Despite being paid €20 million per season, Laporte faces quality of life and treatment challenges at his current club has fueled speculation about his future.

Laporte's dissatisfaction in Saudi Arabia

Laporte has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his experience in Saudi Arabia. The economic conditions are excellent, but they do not compensate for the deficits in quality of life and treatment by the clubs. “When I am disappointed in such a short time, you ask yourself what to do,” reveals Laporte, hinting at the possibility of a return to Europe.

Laporte Athletic
Athletic opened the doors to Laporte at this year's summer market, but the player preferred Al Nassr's money.

The possibility of a return to Europe and Athletic

Although he is not immediately considering it, Laporte does not rule out the idea of ​​a return to Europe in the future. “That moment hasn’t come yet, but it could be if this momentum continues,” he says, leaving the door open for change. His experience at Manchester City and Athletic's previous interest in signing him suggests a return to Bilbao could be a viable option.

The Athletic Club sports project

The Athletic Club, led by Ernesto Valverde, has shown great interest in Laporte. Jon Uriarte, president of the club, had expressed his desire to have him. The possibility that Athletic could qualify for the Champions League and develop an attractive sporting project could be a decisive factor in Laporte's decision.

The challenges of adaptation in Saudi Arabia

Laporte warns that adapting to life in Saudi Arabia will not be easy. He mentions the lack of seriousness in the negotiations and the feeling of helplessness when dealing with Saudi clubs. “They take everything lightly,” he says, pointing out the difference to European clubs where, in his opinion, the players are better looked after.

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The quality of life in Riyadh is a crucial factor

Laporte also criticizes the quality of life in Riyadh. The chaotic traffic and time wasted while traveling contrast with the spectacular nature of the malls and infrastructure. However, these conveniences do not compensate for the everyday difficulties and dissatisfaction in professional life.

Laporte wants to return to the cathedral

Aymeric Laporte faces a crucial decision in his career. While he enjoys economic advantages in Saudi Arabia, difficulties in terms of quality of life and professional treatment make him consider returning to Europe. Athletic Club de Bilbao is proving to be a potentially attractive destination with a growing sports project and the possibility of playing in the Champions League.

Laporte's situation highlights the complexity of decisions in a footballer's career, where economic aspects often have to be balanced with quality of life and professional satisfaction. For Athletic, the possible return of Laporte would be a significant reinforcement and a return to basics. Fans and the world of football will be excited to see what the future holds for this talented centre-back.

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