Athletic and FC Barcelona directives ask the Government for rescue

The pandemic has aggravated the economic situation of the two teams, which continue to increase their debt in the short and long term

The Government of Spain the possibility of exert a rescue to the directives of FC Barcelona and Athletic. Two clubs that are in low hours in the economic sense, because their debt has not stopped growing in recent months and they need a quick injection of money.

This information, published by Voz Populi, ensures that the Higher Sports Council is already working on a formula to carry out this rescue. A rescue that would favor, above all, the Barça club and its current board of directors, who would have to present a great endorsement.

Barcelona rescue
The FC Barcelona board would have to guarantee more than 225 million with its own assets

The rescue to the FC Barcelona saves to Laporta

Due to the great debt that FC Barcelona currently has, it is estimated that the management of the Barça team would have to guarantee the club’s enormous debt with its own assets. Something that would be unfeasible for Laporta, who already had difficulties to present the endorsement to be elected president of the entity.

That amount was 125 million euros, but it could be multiplied by two to guarantee the club’s red numbers. Something that would be practically impossible, since they already had difficulties last season to reach the first figure. That is why the Government is already studying a reform.

The 4 teams benefited from the Government rescue

In the case of Athletic, the board would have to guarantee an amount greater than 20 million euros. That is why the CSD is already working on a reform of the Sports Law. A reform that would favor four teams in the Santander League, among which are Athletic and FC Barcelona.

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The other two are Real Madrid and CA Osasuna, the other two teams that are not Sociedad Anónima Deportiva. However, and as expected, criticism has been turned against the two clubs immediately benefited, as they consider that they are counting on the favor of the Government.

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