In Paris they consider that it will be their last great attempt to storm the Champions League

Pogba He is very close to being a new player of the PSG. It will arrive free, which is far from free. Because for the French to end up in the PSG It will be with an important transfer bonus, which will go above 50 million euros between bonus and commissions, and it will be with a salary of those that take away the hiccups.

There is talk of 15 million clean per season, to form a truly luxurious squad no matter what happens with Mbappé. ‘Cause it’s sure Messi, Neymar, Sergio Ramos either Verratti They will continue in the discipline of the French team. Logic invites you to think of a sale.

Athletic PSG
PSG no longer knows what to do to win the Champions League

Pogba creates stopper at PSG

Verratti, Wijnaldum, Gueye, Danilo, Ander Herrera, Pogba are going to join PSG’s midfield… it’s clear that someone has to abandon ship. In this context, all the ballots are directed towards the Spanish midfielder. An Ander Herrera who has already expressed many times his desire to return to Spain.

In this context, there are two teams that have always been receptive to welcoming Ander Herrera into their ranks. On the one hand, Betis, which seeks to raise the level of the squad. Of course, the main targets are Dani Ceballos and Isco Alarcón, so Ander would be the third option. The other great interested party is always Athletic. And more with what is coming this summer.

Elections in Athletic

Because in Athletic there are elections and the summer is presumed to be very busy. It seems that the game is between Arechabaleta and Barkala, but what is certain is that whoever wins, a solid project will be required to put an end to the last few years without entering Europe.

It is evident that Ander Herrera would raise the level of an Athletic team that suffers on many occasions from the absence of midfielders with leadership capacity. We will have to see how the summer unfolds, but what seems certain is that if Pogba ends up at PSG, Ander Herrera will have a hard time leaving.


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