Athletic already knows Álvaro Djaló’s disposition

Although the operation between the Bilbao company and the Madrid attacker did not materialize, it is the same player that increases the probability that there will be a rapprochement in the winter or summer market of 2024.

It is true that the Athletic Club and Álvaro Djaló’s entourage spoke at the last summer market, but it did not go any further. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be a scenario in which both parties agree on a real operation. Anything is possible as long as there is mutual interest, and that is what begins to exist between the two player and that Basque club

Although Álvaro Djaló was born in Madrid, he grew up in Bilbao, where he studied and met many friends. However, he never played in the Lions team’s regular team. In return, the attacker and his family traveled to Portugal to live, and so the winger joined the Sporting Braga youth football team, where he has remained to this day.

Alvaro Djalo Athletic
Álvaro Djaló makes it clear that his intention to sign for Athletic is more than real.

Álvaro Djaló starts the move at Athletic

The Madrid striker is currently signed with the Portuguese club until 2025, the base price is 2.5 million euros. For the next winter market, the Bilbao team could start with a tender close to one and a half million dollars. Of course he has to convince the winger first, but that’s not a problem because the matter has been resolved.

For some time now, Álvaro Djaló has been commenting on the possible scenario of returning to Spain and more to the city where he spent his best childhood years. Although he never belonged to the lioness family, The fact that he grew up among Athletic fans instilled in him a curiosity and love for wearing the colors red, white and black.

From now on, Álvaro Djaló will let Athletic love him

In the Bilbao squad they are in standby mode in terms of transfers and it is understandable that the 2023 summer market is already closed. However, Mikel González, sports director of the Leonese company, can prepare the first assignment of 2024, which would be none other than that of the 24-year-old winger. Everything is ready for the maneuver to bear fruit.

On the one hand, there is the fact that Álvaro Djaló has made his position on a move to Athletic Club clear. This means that an extension with Sporting Braga is not being considered by those around the attacker. On the other hand, the player has a low base price that the Bilbao team can easily absorb. So there are no latent obstacles that stand in the way of carrying out the operation.

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