Valencia arrives at San Mamés counting the days to finish a season that, beyond the oasis of the Cup final, will pass without pain (far from relegation) or glory (far from Europe). Bordalás’ future is the only interesting thing right now. He has a contract, although the club does not assure today that he will fulfill it. He did endorse that he wants to continue, but with conditions.

The team that still remembers the first leg of the Cup semifinals, one of their best games of the season, and against the long-awaited Marcelino. Days ago he got off the train from Europe via the League because everything was played à la carte in the KO tournament. And he lost. Bordalás has all his available troops, with the exception of captain Gayà, who has been suspended for two games. So those players whose future in the entity is uncertain will play, several of them with one foot out, such as Guedes, Bryan Gil or Carlos Soler. Before starting, one of the most emotional moments of the afternoon will be experienced, and look what there are: tribute to the Argentine legend Bochini, who receives the One Club Man, an award instituted by Athletic for players who have covered their entire career in a single team.

Ace to follow: Carlos Soler. Everyone talks about him, after the information that links him to Barça. We will see how he unfolds among the controversy.


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