The president of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), Antonio Acosta, urged the delegates of the different sports disciplines to make the greatest effort in search of results in the XIX Bolivarianos that begin on the 24th of this month in Valledupar, Colombia.

Acosta pointed out, during the meeting with the delegates of the different federations that will attend the multi-sport event, that the Bolivarian Games have a high competitive level and that the Dominican Republic must exhibit the best.

“This is an event that serves development and demands quality. I exhort us to make the greatest effort to bring good results”, said Acosta.

The COD president also added that seven new sports were included, as well as another 143 athletes, and that the Dominican Republic will be represented by a total of 31 disciplines.

“Let’s go to Valledupar with a clear mind, but always bearing the tricolor flag and playing the national anthem,” said the president of the COD at the meeting held this Friday at the Olympic body’s headquarters.

The head of mission, Miguel Rivera, informed that the delegation is practically ready, at the same time that he exhorted the delegates to express any hardships and concerns.

Marcel Vidal, from the technical direction, announced the departure times of the different sports, as well as the competition calendar with their respective venues.

The person in charge of transportation, Rodolfo Castro, informed that the base of departure to the Las Américas Airport will be from the Olympic Center and offered the departure times of the different delegations, while Adrienne Portes spoke about the accommodations in Valledupar and the sub-venues of the games.

Dr. Wilson Rodríguez suggested to all the technical delegates to manage in advance the vaccination of athletes against yellow fever, for which an operation was carried out at the COD headquarters.

The Dominican Republic will participate for the third time, as a guest, in the Bolivarian Games, which this time will take place from June 24 to July 5 in Valledupar, Colombia.


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