Athletes are always exposed to many mixed emotions; Emotions that arrive abruptly, surprisingly, without asking for permission or forgiveness because they are part of the process of their profession. Intense emotions that happen in the heat of a game, of a field, in the bitterness of a defeat or in the euphoria of a victory; in a call to announce a new change, a ‘release’ or the birth of a child. They all come at the moment and anyone can cause a great fury, be it of great joy or great depression.

The athlete must have a very good head to know how to manage his soul, mind and body with direction and not get carried away by what comes at the moment. At the moment an athlete can lose his head and make a movement that hurts and hurts him, at the moment he can feel the emotion of indulging himself without contemplating the level of blow that this can generate. For the moment the athlete can unleash the euphoria of his signature and acquire things in a hasty way without planning what is a priority, and for the moment the athlete can execute a decision that he will regret when he sits down to think.

The athlete must learn to practice the art of coldness in order to manage. Sport is a profession that is clearly connected to ups and downs, lights and shadows, victories and defeats, light and darkness; It is a profession that can make those who reach the highest place dizzy, and atrophy those who fail to excel. In both extremes in danger if you do not know how to handle the emotion of the moment because it is impossible to deny what sport can generate.

At the moment there are many blessings that can be unleashed, but also the curses that can be caused. There is no need for the latter if you know how to control emotion and not vice versa. It is better to pass for passive, pigeon, pariguayo and slow, and not allow oneself to be provoked to “prove” to be fast and a matatan when this comes to disgrace.

Even the fool, when he is silent, is counted as wise; He who closes his lips is understood. “

Proverbs 17:28



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