At the moment, what does each team need to qualify for the 2023 NFL Playoffs?

Things are red hot in the final stretch of the regular season of the nfl.

With two weeks to go, there are already 9 teams qualified for the playoffsin total 14 teams access (seven per Conference) so it remains to be known who will be the 5 missing guests at the nfl postseason.

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It is time to take a look and take out the calculator to find out what your team needs to establish itself in the positions WildCards in the nfl playoffs.

First of all, which teams are already qualified for the playoffs?

as we mentioned 9 teams already have their ticket secured in the postseasonThere are 5 teams in the AFC compared to 4 in the NFC.

From the American are:

  • buffalo bills (12-3) | AFC East Champions
  • Kansas City Chiefs (12-3) | AFC West Champions
  • cincinnati bengals (11-4)
  • Baltimore Ravens (10-5)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (9-6)

So that only two tickets leftwho would be the champion of the AFC South and a place as a wild card; the champion of the AFC North It will be between the Bengals and Ravens (both already classified).

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From the National are:

  • san francisco 49ers (11-4) | NFC West Champions
  • Minnesota Vikings (12-3) | NFC North Champions
  • Philadelphia Eagles (13-2)
  • dallas cowboys (12-4)

The championships of the NFC East (the fight is between eagles Y cowboys) and the NFC Southplus two places as a wild card.

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What teams are already eliminated?

With two games to play, any possibility for these 8 teams has been diluted and they have to concentrate for the following season.

  1. denver broncos (4-11) | AFC West
  2. cleveland browns (6-9) | AFC North
  3. indianapolis colts (4-10) | AFC South
  4. Houston Texans (2-12) | AFC South
  5. los angeles rams (5-10) | NFC West
  6. arizona cardinals (4-11) | NFC West
  7. chicago bears (3-12) | NFC North
  8. atlanta falcons (5-10) | NFC South

Now yes, what does each NFL team need to qualify for the Playoffs?

american conference

Miami Dolphins (8-7)

  • They need to win their last two gamesin view of New England Patriots Y new york jets; this to avoid having to depend on other results.

New England Patriots (7-8)

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New York Jets (7-8)

  • Win both of their games and wait for the New England Patriots to lose in Week 18 in front of the buffalo bills.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8)

Las Vegas Raiders (6-9)

  • They have to win their two games and that Miami lose both of their games, in addition to a loss for the Jets against the seattle seahawks.
  • Also that the patriots lose against Bills, that the steelers fall into one of his games and let them Jaguars be divisional champions.
  • All these combinations together for the Raiders to advance. Almost impossible.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8)

  • They are in search of obtaining the divisional title in the AFC Southso they must beat the titans on the week 18.

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Tennessee Titans (7-9)

  • They are also in the fight to be AFC South champions and everything will be defined in the last game of the regular season against the Jags.

National Conference

New York Giants (8-6)

  • Win one of their last two gameshas a commitment to indianapolis colts Y Philadelphia Eagles.

Washington Commanders (7-7)

  • He has to win his last two meetingsagainst cleveland browns Y dallas cowboys.

Green Bay Packers (7-8)

  • They must win their final two games and wait for a defeat from the commanders; or two defeats of the giants.

Seattle Seahawks (7-8)

  • Win their remaining two games and that the Washington Commanders and the Green Bay Packers lose one of their two games.

Detroit Lions (7-8)

  • They need to win their two games and that both Commanders and Seahawks lose one of their meetings.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8)

Carolina Panthers (6-9)

  • They must win their two games and expect the loss of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 18.

New Orleans Saints (6-9)

  • They have to win their remaining two games and that the bucs they are defeated in their final two confrontations.

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Thus the panorama of each team to be able to classify the nfl playoffs.

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