At the Hyères festival, eco-responsible fashion on the front of the podium

It is the most famous of the shoemakers, but for the 36th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories which takes place from October 14 to 17 at the Villa Noailles, Christian Louboutin is president of the jury for accessories. It is the oldest fashion competition for young professionals from all over the world. This year, the designer is a little surprised. The fashion world seems to have incorporated a new word: eco-responsibility.

The exhibition of jury president Christian Louboutin at the Hyères fashion festival, October 15, 2021. & nbsp;  (SOPHIE AUVIGNE / FRANCE-INFO)

“Even I feel very responsible, assures Christian Louboutin, if I see it on me I can see it on a lot of people, because I’m the most childish person. I also think the pandemic has given us some form of alert. “

“Through all the work of the laureates, there is really a responsibility that I haven’t seen for a long time. It involves recycling, from time to time it is more like using innovative and responsible materials. I don’t think so. whether it’s a fad, it’s a tidal wave that has set in. “

Christian Louboutin, fashion designer and president of the jury for accessories at the Hyères festival

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Emma Bruschi, 2020 winner of the Chanel craftsmanship prize at the Hyères festival, October 15, 2021 (SOPHIE AUVIGNE / FRANCE-INFO)

Preserving the environment gives direction to Emma Bruschi, a young fashion designer who won the Chanel Crafts Prize last year. Fashion is polluting, she knows it and that is why she wants to work differently. “I’m trying not to be in the classic system at all”, explains the young designer, I try to work from the plant to the final product “. Emma Bruschi works mainly with rye. “Since last year I started planting with my farming family, we harvested this summer, she rejoices. This results in a tall rod that measures almost two meters. “I’m going to transform it to arrive at a very fine cord to make accessories, hats, continues Emma Bruschi, I can knit it, embroider it, crochet it. The more you do something with your hands, the more you are attached to it, the more you are proud of what you have done. “

Rye work by Emma Bruschi, winner of the 2020 Chanel prize at the Hyères fashion festival, October 15, 2021 (SOPHIE AUVIGNE / FRANCE-INFO)

More and more designers are giving up fur and plastics. What’s left? “Today, there are eco-responsible versions of almost all raw materials, answers Gilles Lassebordes, general manager of the major Première Vision fabric fairs, the recycled version of polyester, polyamide. Cotton exists in organic or ethical cultivation. You have wool from farms that have animal welfare certificates. So the ingredients are available. ” 50% of the fabrics offered today are eco-responsible compared to only a few percent five years ago.

At the Hyères festival, eco-responsible fashion on the front of the podium: the report by Sophie Auvigne

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