At the age of 16, Sadhna fell in love with the director, she received a one-rupee coin for this film.

Known for her beauty and amazing hairstyle in Bollywood, Sadhna is considered to be a very brilliant actress. She worked in more than one blockbuster movie in her career. Sadhna began her film career as a chorus girl in the Raj Kapoor film Shree 420. After Shree 420, Sadhna worked in Abana. You will also be surprised to know about the symbolic amount that was given to Sadhna for the film Abana.

Sadhana is counted among the most expensive actresses of her time. However, it is very surprising that Sadhana only took one rupee as token money for her first film. Her movie ‘Love in Shimla’, which came after this movie, created a ruckus. After this Sadhana many successful movies were produced.

Sadhna was born on September 2, 1941 in Karachi, Pakistan into a Sindhi family. After the partition of the country, her family came to India. Sadhna worked in many great movies like Love in Shimla, Parakh, Arzoo, Mere Mehboob and Mera Saaya in her career. Her performance in the movie Parakh won the hearts of the audience.

Sadhana made famous film director RK Nayyar as his partner. RK Nayyar was about 6 years older than Sadhana. Sadhna fell in love with Nayyar during the filming of the first film. The special thing is that at that time the age of the actress was only 16 years. However, after a few years of appearing in movies, Sadhna gets into an accident. Her face was severely injured by that accident. After that, she walked away from the cinema forever. Today Sadhna is not in this world but she will always be alive through her memories.

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