At night, a zoo employee enters the lion’s share, a terrible accident

An employee at a zoo in the US state of Florida has been shot dead by a tiger after a horrific attack on the employee. The employee is undergoing treatment in a hospital with serious injuries.

The incident took place a few days ago at the Naples Zoo in Florida, after which the zoo was temporarily closed.

According to local media, an employee cleaning the restrooms at night reached the restricted area where the lion enclosure was located.

The servant reached out his hand to feed or love something which got stuck in the fence and at that moment the lion attacked and grabbed his arm.

In the shocking footage released by the police, it can be seen that the employee is addicted to blood and is running and moaning for help.

After the administration immediately informed the police, the police reached the spot and tried to chase away the lion. When he did not retreat, the police forcibly shot the lion and saved the life of the employee.

The employee was rushed to hospital in critical condition. According to doctors, the 26-year-old will take a long time to fully recover.

The zoo was temporarily closed after the incident and reopened yesterday.

The lion was a rare breed of tiger that is endangered worldwide. The zoo administration and the police are also being criticized for killing the tiger.


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