At midnight, the artist received a gift of 4 million taka!

Fascinated by the voice of Geeta Rabari, the folk music artist of Gujarat, India, the audience donated 4 crore rupees in one night. Recently, the audience was mesmerized by Geeta’s song at a song event in Kutch area.

The audience threw bunches of money towards the artist in love. After counting the notes, it can be seen that he received a total of 4 crore rupees.

A video of Geeta’s singing performance has gone viral. It was seen that he was sitting on the carpet and playing the harmonium on the floor. Adorned in splendid clothes and various jewels. A few young men are standing next to him. He is spreading the money as he can. 500, 100 and even 20 rupee notes were blown. However, it has been reported in the Indian media that it has not been possible to verify whether all the money seen flying in the video has been handed over to the artist or not.

The popularity of Geeta known as ‘Kutcher Koel’ in folk music is very high. Geeta gained popularity for the song ‘Roma Ser Maa’ in the regional language. Bhajans in his voice are also very popular with the audience.

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