At least three dead in fresh wave of Russian bombings in Ukraine

At least three people were killed a new wave of Russian bombing raids This attack was launched this Tuesday against eight regions of Ukraine, whose armed forces are “almost exhausted”, according to Moscow.

After a fresh wave of nighttime bombing, a tactic Russia has been using for months, The Kremlin said it had destroyed “key military sites of the Kiev regime.”. “All targets were hit,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily report.

This was announced by the Ukrainian army 16 of the 28 missiles shot down launched by the Russian army. One of the unintercepted rockets caused the three fatalities at an industrial site in Lutsk, a city in the west of the country less than 100 kilometers from the border with Poland. The division is owned by the Swedish giant SKF, which specializes in bearings. The company confirmed the deaths of three of its employees.

According to AFP journalists present at the scene, another rocket hit a kindergarten playground in Lviv. “Sometimes we forget that there is war”said Dan Kvit, a 17-year-old college student. Lviv, like Lutsk, is hundreds of kilometers from the front.

The Ukrainian Presidency also reported that a sports complex had been hit in Dnipro, in the center of the country. After a year and a half of war, Russia continues to deny responsibility for civilian casualties, claiming that despite this fact, its bombings only target legitimate targets hit residential buildings.

declining counteroffensive

On the front lines, Ukraine maintained small advances in the south and east of the country around the town of Bakhmut on Monday. But the troops did it more trouble in the northnear Kupiansk.

Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Ganna Maliar, admitted on Monday that the situation made it impossible to “concentrate its forces on the offensive in the Bakhmut sector”. However, “Ukrainian troops continue to stop the Russian offensive towards Kupyansk and Liman,” the army spokesman added. Andrei Kovalev.

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Kiev launched a counter-offensive in June to retake territory occupied by Russia since the war began on February 24, 2022. But Moscow estimated on Tuesday that despite support from the US and the European Union, the Ukrainian army’s resources are “nearly exhausted”.

Kiev is not getting “any results” from its counter-offensive, the defense chief said. Sergei Shoigu. The minister added that the military operation in Ukraine proved to be a “serious test” for the Russian army, but Moscow managed to “significantly” increase the production of armored vehicles.

That assured Russia, which went on the defensive after severe setbacks in 2022 prevented a raid by a Ukrainian “saboteur group” in the Bryansk border region.

ruble falls

The Russian economy, in turn, looks Hit hard by economic sanctions imposed on him since the beginning of the so-called “special military operation”. The central bank was forced to raise its interest rate to curb inflation and the ruble’s collapse, mainly caused by restrictions on its oil sales.

On Tuesday it fell to 100 rubles per dollar, a low since March 2022. Year-to-date, the currency has depreciated by 30% against the dollar. In response, the central bank decided to raise its official interest rate to 12% from 8.5%.

The aim of the measure is to stop the rise in consumer prices and the decline in the purchasing power of Russians. If inflation accelerates, the monetary institute will Don’t rule out re-uploading your typeas reported by Russian press agencies.

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