At least ten people were killed in a fire in a building in Valencia

He Fire that was used up like a match a residential building from the Spanish city Valencia let at least 10 deadaccording to a New balance provided by the authorities this Fridaywho continue to look for victims.

He previous review of Thursday’s incidentone of the most serious in recent years in Spain, There were four deaths.

“We can confirm that the scientific police found 10 bodies and 10 fatalities during an initial inspection,” Pilar Bernabé, government delegate in the region, informed the press.

The confusion however, ruled over the Number of people who could still be missing.

“We can not rule out” that there will be more deaths “because there will be more controls,” Bernabé added.

Words from Pedro Sánchez about fire

He President of Spain, Pedro Sánchezspoke at a press conference about the incident and said that “the priority now (…) is the search for victims.”

Sánchez said he had spoken to local authorities to “learn firsthand about the situation and offer any necessary assistance.”

“I would like to express my solidarity with all the people affected,” he added. “I would like to express my solidarity with all the people affected,” he added.

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The official record of this fire, which was reported on Thursday around 5:30 p.m middle floor of the propertyare four deaths.

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But “we have 14 people” who lived in this building with two attached blocks and 138 apartments that are “not located,” government delegate in Valencia Pilar Bernabé told public broadcaster RNE.

The mayor of Valencia, María José Catalá, spoke of “between 9 and 15 people who are not located“.

After the violent flames on Thursday night, this structure in the Campanar district woke up on Friday like a huge, blackened skeleton.

Valencia regional president Carlos Mazón told reporters that fifteen people were treated for injuries of varying severity, including seven firefighters.

Six of those fifteen people are still in hospital, but their lives are not in danger, he stressed.

The fire very quickly almost completely engulfed the building, leaving impressive images of this property in a residential area on the outskirts of Valencia completely engulfed in flames.

The property was built fifteen years ago, during the real estate boom, in which several districts of the city of around 800,000 residents expanded rapidly.

The Regional Ambulance Service 112 said that 22 firefighters and 8 medical units were on the scene, including a vehicle to treat several victims, and announced the activation of “Emergency Situation 2”, which will be put in place in the event of “major damage”. ” AFP

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