At least nine people were killed in an Israeli attack on a refugee center in Khan Younis

The bombings in the Gaza Strip can also be heard loudly in the depopulated Israeli border communities. In Jan Yunis, south of the Strip, and according to the Israeli army, the Givati ​​Brigade killed “numerous Hamas operatives” in the last twenty-four hours with tank fire and supported by the air force, which initially bombed the area. “Precise strikes prepare conditions on the ground for ground forces,” the military statement said.

UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees, said its facilities in Khan Yunes, where thousands of displaced people have taken refuge, were damaged by the fighting in the city. Accordingly Thomas WhiteDirector of the UN agency's Gaza department, were registered at least nine dead and several buildings were burned.

For its part, Hamas announced that Israeli fire had left 210 dead and 386 injured in Gaza over the past day. The total number of The number of deaths reported by the Palestinian group in Gaza since the start of the war stands at 25,700 and the number of injured is at least 63,740. However, the authorities in the Gaza Strip do not distinguish between civilians and combatants. The Israeli military said it killed at least 9,000 members of Hamas and other Islamist organizations in the strip.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Israeli diplomats anonymously denied reports from the previous day that progress had been made in negotiations with Hamas over a possible deal to release Jewish hostages and Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a ceasefire lasting several weeks, and accused the terrorist group of backing down on its positions to entrench and block any possible compromise.

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“The information about a ceasefire agreement is incorrect. There are very big gaps and there is no progress in the talks,” an Israeli official told the Ynet news site on condition of anonymity. “It's very complicated. “Hamas is constantly tightening its position.”

Similar comments were published by all major Israeli media outlets, suggesting they likely had the approval of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

The Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvirtweeted Wednesday morning that he was “for bringing the hostages home, (but) against a bad deal.”

And the finance minister, Bezalel Smotrichlike Ben Gvir, also on the far right in the governing coalition, called in a statement for the security cabinet to be convened and wrote: “Stopping the war at this very delicate stage could jeopardize the entire operation… there are big and dangerous question marks over an agreement like this this.

While a day earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted a video of his meeting with soldiers and wrote: “The only option is complete victory.”

The various Israeli spokesmen are vowing to continue the fight until Hamas is completely dismantled and the hostages are released, following the October 7 attack in which thousands of Hamas-led terrorists stormed communities in southern Israel, killing about 1,200 people the majority civilians, massacred and another kidnapped 253.

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